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Unhappy customer

Part I
Worst experience with Manager Manny from technical support 11/17/18 I spoke to 4 technical support expert and 1 Manger. I'm not complaining about the 4 tech support just the manager. My cable and internet went out and I called to get assistant something I thought would take 20 mins took two days but I asked to speak to the manager or have a manager to call me. I was transfer to at 12:15 am in the morning to manager Manny . He said he  was in charge of the department and no one else I could speak to over him. I said can you email your boss ask him to call me. He said no. Ask him to read part two how were they able to help me because the had customer service and didn't say NO!!!!
I asked him could you look over my account because something isn't right and by you being the manager you should be able to help me. Can you go over my wiring? He said no was not looking into my hook up on the system. He will not be able to get in touch with dispatch for them to come out the next day I explained to him that it was very important that I have my service is on and I can't wait til Tuesday.  My son needs the computer and he said I had to wait til Tuesday and no other manager will be able to assist me. He was the only person charge so I asked him for his manager to call me he said no one else could help me or you can't talk to anyone else but him.  So I said or you the CEO of the company at this point I'm not happy.  I also mentioned I shouldn't be charge a $60 for a tech to come out. I told him I was sending an email. He wouldn't provide me info for me to send email I did my own research once I got my internet up. 
I wasn't having any problems to my cable or internet until Xfinity had sent me a new Modem that I had to install and I been calling every since last week because my internet and other problems were occurring. I didn't ask for this new box so that manager should of been willing to walk everything with me.
I called an hour later because I was still trying to fix it myself and wanted to know if they he can run another test. I asked the next tech support guy at 1:15am what was his name and he said his name is Manny as in Miquel or Manuel.  He was very helpful even though we couldn't get it to work. He did work with me and tried and didn't hang up on me. I told him the manager told me he had the same name as him. 
Part two 11/18/2018 New Tech New Helpers!Excellent Service:
So I call at 7:30am so still had little rest and spoke to Chrissy She should be a manager because she start from step one which found out a main wire was loose and she worked on the internet department and had all my light showing on the Modem. Rude manager in part 1 but Now my service is online She was helpful trying to find someone in the cable department. 
Which she found Jane in the cable department who stayed on the phone with me for hours to make sure wifi, cable and internet and all components was working properly and she should be a Manger as well.  Both of these ladies completed and task with great excellent which made me extremely proud to be a customer.
 I did get a credit for today but I had issues for over a week on the phone with xfinity I need a credit for those days to and I've been on the phone for over 7 hours yesterday. Also, the other days I been on the phone all day. 
 Problem Solve I have the tech I guess still schedule for tomorrow to make sure my service is hook up and no more issue with wifi and cable with this new modem. 
I only had credit for one day what happened to the two weeks before and during the whole time before my visit.  Someone from customer service called today 12/2/2018 so call that my service stop working again and they are talking to scedule someone to come out again.  They can tell on there end that my service is down.  We want to switch service so bad.  No one call about credit and not no can help us with our situation.  We already paying for a high bill and it's sad can't even get this down.  We didn't have to switch services because our first box was good but comcast said we did.  No we are not happy with service. Please help

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Hi @youngliz

Thank you for visiting the forums! Sorry to hear about your issues.

I've asked an employee to assist you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

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Re: Unhappy customer

youngliz, welcome to the forums. 


I'm glad to hear that all your services are now working, but I would love to have the opportunity to resolve all the concerns outlined in your post. To get started, please provide me with your first and last name in a PM. 

To send me a Private Message, please click my name “ComcastAlly” and click “send a message.”

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