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Unbelievable Scam

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Unbelievable Scam

My name is Moak, not Moan. I am an Xfinity customer who fell for the promotions they had offered and now paying for it. Previously I had paid for the $39.99 deal until I received a promotion for cable network and since my sister watches allot of Tv I thought why not. Unfortunately she does not watch cable and I wanted to just keep my previous/original account and cancel the Cable subscription which was $75. Well now I'm being told that I can no longer go back to my original account and have to pay the $85 for high speed internet. Now I keep a cluttered box in my house with no use for it. I find it troubling how services can "catfish" the customers with no motive of the underlying consequence. I find these matters very selfish and, due to the selfish actions, may have to file a law suit case because of such propaganda. Mistreating those who are willing to pay for companies to grow while enjoying the services is very sickening.
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Re: Unbelievable Scam

Hello Moan_Brown. We are sorry you feel that way. We value your business and want to ensure you are happy with the package you are receiving. I can assist with helping you change your service to something that suits your needs more. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account.