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Unable to fix my problem

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Unable to fix my problem

Ive just finished providing feedback regarding your online payment service, something i only used because my service was turned off due to a so called (late) payment which ive tried 4 times since February to get corrected. Each time i finished the call i believed it was resolved, how nieve of me. Instead you just added late fees, UNBELIEVABLE. And then there was the 4 visits to install the system, one of which you NEVER showed. 


Well ive GIVEN UP trying, paid the bill and will now search for another provider. This has been the WORST experience hands down which is unfortunate because you have a good product. But enough is enough, my business is OBVIOUSLY not important to Comcast but my time time is to me. Im not going to waste any more of it trying to get you to correct YOUR mistake.


There are plenty of other providers who would appreciate my business and as a upcoming board member i’ll do my utmost to lobby against renewing our communities agreement with your company. You may not care about my business but perhaps losing 500 users might eventually help you realize you CANT continue to treat customers with way.