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Unable to find just-internet package


Unable to find just-internet package

I found it in Xfinity's PDF - (Performance Plus?) - but I'm unable to find any of the just-internet plans on Xfinity's actual website... I just get sent around in circles (even when I select View All Plans) and the cheapest / most relevant plan I can find starts at $99 and every one of them that I can find to switch to includes TV.


I've already got internet and TV for $100 but I don't need 75Mbps nor TV, I just need enough bandwidth to watch movies or do video chat or stream music (basically normal things for a small household). I don't have a family that will be watching video all day and we rarely watch anything but Netflix and YouTube.


What's the solution? It seems Comcast is intentionally limiting my ability to see their packages because I'm already signed up for an internet+TV package at a certain level.