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Two weeks and construction department hasn't even contacted us?

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Two weeks and construction department hasn't even contacted us?

Hello. My family and I recently moved here to Powhatan, VA on Dec 31st 2018, a couple days after we called Comcast/Xfinity to set up service and have an in installer come out. Well, the installer came out on Jan 5th and took a look around and said that he would have to submit the work to the construction department for the work to connect the home to a pedestal at the end of our driveway as the house doesn't currently have a line going to it.

The pedestal is right at the end of our 700' driveway and on our property, so he said that was a good thing and that at least it was under 1000' and on our property so there isn't an issue with getting permits from Powhatan.

Anyways, he said that he submitted the work to construction right then while he was here along with notes on the property and that someone should be out within 2 weeks. He said that he was suggesting a drop-line to see if that was possible to get it done quicker, as that is what a lot of the houses have on this road including our neighbors.

This was on the 5th and today is the 11th, so I figured I would call customer support to get a status update. Well customer support wasn't helpful at all and started to confirm my worst fear about getting the service, that I would be bounced back and forth from install, to construction, back to install and so on... The customer support rep said that he would need to set up another date for an installer to come out and do the SAME thing that the first guy already did. Even though he said that he saw where it was submitted to construction on the 5th unless he was talking about the old appointment itself. But anyways, I clarified with him what was going on and told him that I feared being bounced back and forth from install to construction, and he said that he was the billing department. So I asked him if there was any other department he could transfer me to that might be a little more qualified to answer questions about construction work submissions. He wasn't really talking and 2as just fumbling around, then he either hung up on me or the call was dropped. And I doubt that the call was dropped because I have verizon wireless, reception is good here and haven't once in 15 years had a dropped call. So maybe he was just tired of talking to me and hoped that when I called back I would wind up being someone else's problem.

EDIT: The installers came out again today because that was the only thing I could think to do. They said they would try and email a lady named Stephanie to try and get them to contact us as they haven't yet. I now know that the ticket on comcasts end being canceled as "unserviceable" is apparently part of the process, but how was I to know this when nobody will contact us? We will gladly pay if need be, but if nobody will contact us then it's all for not.