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Trying to contact Customer Service

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Trying to contact Customer Service

I'm posting this here, since evidently you DON'T have an email address ... which is silly! 




I have a number of questions about internet service.  


A little over a year ago, we signed up with Xfinity through Amazon Prime.   That was good deal.  Something like $29 a month or so.   Evidently that ended a few months ago, and now our service is nearly double the cost.  That dramatic rate increase lead us to look for alternatives.  


We have offers from two other local internet providers.  One is for $39 a month for 10 mbs, from, a local provider.  Another is from century link for $10 a month for 10 mbs for two years.   We were with century link before we switched to Xfinity (because the Xfinity deal through Amazon was a good deal and faster and cheaper).  


So, a couple of questions…..  

1)      Can you, or will you, match either of those offers?  

2)      If not, how does the cancellation process work.   The payment we made on Jan 30 is for service for the month of February?  If we want to cancel at the end of February (i.e. what we have already paid for), when do we need to let you know to NOT bill us at the end of February?  

3)      Finally, I don’t believe we have any Xfinity equipment (the modem is ours), but I wanted to check to make sure we don’t have anything to return to you.  



Also,  When switching back to Century Link, we’ll be bundling internet and phone.   While they are giving us really good deal on the internet side of the bundle, the phone is not a good deal at all.    What is your best offer for a phone and internet bundle?   LANET is offering 10MBs plus Internet Phone for $70.   Can you beat the price?  


Thank you  


Steven Clarke  


Official Employee

Re: Trying to contact Customer Service

Hello scXenon. I can assist with answering your questions about internet and phone offers. We do not match any other providers rates, however we may have competitive price options available. We hope you choose to remain our customer. If you choose to cancel, we can help you with that here as well. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account.