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Trying for 4 Months to Get Service to My New House

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Trying for 4 Months to Get Service to My New House

We completed construction on our new house in September of 2017 and still do not have service from Xfinity.

Shortly before we moved in, I placed an order online with Xfinity for an Internet and TV package. We received the order confirmation, but apparently, it didn't make it into another one of their internal systems. The result was the tech didn't show up, and I had to call in to place another order. Once that tech showed up, he realized that they needed to splice the cable from one telephone pole to another one that was closer to our home. He placed a ticket for that, stated that it shouldn't take more than a week, and asserted that someone would call me. Two weeks passed without a call, so I called customer service. They thought the ticket was closed but they were not certain, so they went ahead and sent out another technician to do the install. Once he arrived, he found that they didn't do the pole work. He called in a bucket truck while he worked on the home install. Once the truck arrived, they told him that they would have to replace a section of "old" cable on the road before they could do the splice. They opened another ticket for me that was supposed to be complete by no later than the middle of December. They also assured me once more that someone would call and update me on the progress.

I received no update calls, and after the half-way point, I resorted to contacting customer service. Each time, I had to explain my whole story. The rep saw the ticket, but they had no idea about its progress. They promised to contact the construction team and have them contact me, but I never received a phone call. They finally opened another ticket to find out the status of this construction ticket. Someone was supposed to contact me two weeks ago regarding this ticket. Unfortunately, I never received the call mentioned above. Since I still hadn't been contacted, I once again called customer service last week. After talking with both customer service and a technical rep, they were unsure of what to do, so they promised to have sales call me back.

We want to have Xfinity in our new home, but my patience wears thin. During the past four months, I have been consistently disappointed by Xfinity's inability to give me clear answers regarding the status of the installation of our TV and Internet service. I can't spend another 30 minutes to an hour on the phone with customer service only to find out that they have no information on my situation and receive a promise that someone who does would call me back.

Can someone please help me with this?



Re: Trying for 4 Months to Get Service to My New House

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

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Re: Trying for 4 Months to Get Service to My New House

Hi, truesteel - Apologies for your experience, I can investigate why the service has not been established yet. Please send me a private message with your full name, address, and a phone number. Click on my name ComcastElla, then click Private Message Me.

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