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Transferring Service to Existing Xfinity Household

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Transferring Service to Existing Xfinity Household

I have a triple play bundle that I'm happy with, and half way through my two year contract on. In a month or two I will move in to another household that already has an Xfinity service contract. However, my bundle is the better deal- cheaper with better options because I signed up as a first time customer. So when I move in, we want to keep my plan because it's better. Is there any way we can combine our service or does one party have to pay the cancellation cost? Also the other person recently signed onto the contract. I'm wondering if there's a grace period where it can be cancelled before it's too late. Would Comcast make this transition easier somehow and maybe give us a break since we're both customers? Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Transferring Service to Existing Xfinity Household

Someone needs to cancel, and there will be termination fees involved if there’s a contract in place. They would’ve had 30 days to cancel. Whoever is cancelling can discuss it with an agent, you’re better off pleading your case in person at your local Xfinity store

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