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Transferral of Service: Incomplete, Unfinished, Horrible Experience, No Apologies or Excuses

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Transferral of Service: Incomplete, Unfinished, Horrible Experience, No Apologies or Excuses

I'd appreciate if a Comcast Agent could address this.


Recently, my family moved from our old home into our new home and I decided to transfer my Comcast service from where I only had xfinity broadband internet and upgraded my Comcast service to the full package which included high broadband speeds, 150+ channels, Showtime and DVR.


Well, let me say that this has been the worst experience I had ever encountered with my family being Comcast subscribers since the mid 1980's.


It all started when we found a new home to purchase so we began the move and I walked into a Comcast xfinity store looking not only to transfer my services with Comcast but also to upgrade. From "Day 1" when I walked into an xfinity store,  I ran into one problem after another.


My first visit to an xfinity store began wityh an xfinity store employee who started to go over with the services I couild get. I wasn't ready to get it started but he seemed more interested in signing me up and getting credit for the service transfer and upgrade than in taking care of me as a Comcast customer. I went home thinking everything was all set.


During my second visit, I walked into the same xfinity store and I was met with a different employee who informed me that the service upgrade and transfer wasn't put into the system/completed. She had to put the order into the system because the employee from before didn't process my order. I had informed her that I wanted to make sure that my old service wasn't terminated before the new service was installed and that I wasn't billed for it, and she assured me that I wouldn't be. I also informed her that I needed four cable boxes (she only put on our order for two cable boxes and that the tech would have the four I needed) and that I couldn't pick them up right there at the store, that there was no need to.


Oh, it gets even worse. When I set up the date for the installation of new cable lines, and my sister was with me when we set this appointment, it was supposed to be installed on August 22nd. Well, I spent the entire day waiting for the Comcast tech to arrive to install the service. It was an entire day of wasted time as I just waited for a Comcast tech that would never show up. So, I call Comcast and I'm promptly informed that that appointment was set for August 29th.


Now, many may think I'm making too much out of this but I considered this unprofessional from a cable company such as Comcast.


So, just yesterday, August 29th, the Comcast tech finally arrives. He surveys the hookups and realizes that this is going to take a long time to install my new service. It was 4:30pm and he commented that this job would take until 9pm to complete and that he couldn't work past 6:30pm. When I said that we needed four cable boxes, he only had two listed on his order (we didn't get the four boxes, I'll explain below). It also wasn't communicated to the driver just how much work would be needed to install my upgraded Comcast services.


The tech calls for assistance to help with the install but the only thing the second tech did was install the cable lines to the utility poles and then he left, leaving the original tech. Only two cable boxes were installed (the tech did the best he could with the equipment and the time he had available).


Please bear in mind that Comcast employees had already informed me at the xfinity store that new cable lines would need to be installed, that a $70 fee would be charged and that everything would be installed and working. By the time the tech finished up, It was past his quit time and only two cable boxes and the xfinity broadband internet was installed.


Then, I'm told I would need to schedule another appointment for the other two boxes with another cable line installed to run into the fourth room. This would no doubt run into another $70 fee from Comcast (way to go for the way this sham was set up). I jumped into live chat with a Comcast agent and all I was offered were excuses along with Comcast agents passing me off to other employees. Now, it'll take another week (from August 29th to a second appointment on September 8th) to finish the installation.


This is unacceptable. It's unprofessional and all that can be offered are excuses and to schedule a new appointment? Comcast new that the installation required new lines, four cable boxes and that it would need two techs. Incorrectly scheduled installation times and only apathetic apogies.


I can tell you that in regards to this experience, I would not EVER recommend Comcast to anyone because of my experience in this matter. This installation should have been more professional and that the only person who was professional about it was the Comcast tech who did what he could with what he was provided.

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Re: Transferral of Service: Incomplete, Unfinished, Horrible Experience, No Apologies or Excuses



We first want to thank you for taking the time to reach out here to share your experience. I'm sorry to hear that the install didn't go as planned, and I would love to have the opportunity to assist further. We'd love to turn this experience around. Can you please send us a PM with your first and last name to get started? 

To send us a Private Message, please click “Comcast_Support” and click “Send a message.”

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Re: Transferral of Service: Incomplete, Unfinished, Horrible Experience, No Apologies or Excuses

I sent a PM reply.