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Ticket number not found for cancellation of service

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Ticket number not found for cancellation of service

I made a call to cancel our service July 2017.  Because we have another Comcast Business account at another location, I did not realize that automatic payments were being made to the account I thought I had cancelled. 

I've called customer service numerous times, but the ticket number I was given when I canceled services cannot be found.  We canceled within 30 days of a new contract but now seem to be locked into this contract because the ticket cannot be located.  

I was given a new ticket number when I contacted customer support in March 2018.  I was told during that call that a review of the account would be requested.  I was told that even though the ticket number was not found, that the call would be reviewed and that I should have a response in 7-10 business days.  I have a ticket number from that call.  I have never received a response.  Today after receiving a call from the recovery department, I called support again but my call was routed to recovery.  Today I was told that my problem needed to be escalated to a supervisor in recovery who could reach out to customer service and that someone would call me tomorrow.   

I also sent an email to the service manager who worked with us to start the service.  It was returned as undeliverable.  

I am looking for resolution.

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Re: Ticket number not found for cancellation of service


OMSmanager, thanks for posting. Was the account eventually cancelled? I'd like to take a look into this. Please send me a private message with your full name, address, and phone number tied to your account for help.