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The Speed of my Internet

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The Speed of my Internet

   After having a Comcast Tech out to my house for the TWENTY SEVENTH time for the SAME problem, its no better than it was. I have TV, internet and phone. No problems with the TV. The internet is on the Blast tier and it NEVER reaches 100-150 Mbps speeds, or even close to it. My speed varies between 40 - 75 most of the time, BUT that is only with a modem from Comcast. Anything I purchase myself, I dont get the speed. And the phone! The phone part of the package is a joke! The connection keeps dropping! The only can to keep the phone connected is if I RENT the modem from COMCAST. If I buy one, I have nothing but problems. When the tech was last here and I decided to go back to renting one, the internet speed was FAST! Waaay over a hundred! But a day or two later, it was right back down in the 50's - 70's again. What does that tell you?

    Comcast has rewired my whole house all the way past the drop wire to the pole. Sometimes when I run a speedtest, the speed goes CRAZY! The speedometer is buried at 200 and sometimes even 300 Mbps, but it never stays there. I am about two blocks from their NODE. They have given me all kinds of excuses but I dont see any permanent fixes.

     I have BOUGHT a TM722, a TM822, and a CM500V because I have phone. The modems go off line and calls are dropped. BUT when I RENT a TG1682G modem/router/phone, the service is there, not close to the 100-150Mbps I am paying for and the phone so far has stayed connected. Strange I have to RENT the equipment from them to get half way decent service.


Re: The Speed of my Internet

Start here: troubleshooting guide. If you still need help, please post your equipment details (make/model of your modem/gateway/router) and a screenshot of your signal levels and your error/event log. Thank you!

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