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Terrible line burial

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Terrible line burial

I switched back to Xfinity because we loved them in 3 prior houses and they just came into our neighborhood. I’ve never been a fan of their customer service but after wasting a full weekend you are usually good. I had a great technician for the initial install but then the terrible line burial crew came. They said it would be easier to bury the existing RG6 all the way around the back of my house because they didn’t want to use the ditch witch that was on their trailer. Finally they agreed it would be better to make the 40’ run under the driveway instead of 200’ around the house where I had contractors working. Next they wasted an hour because they had apparently never used a ditch witch and then found an existing utility run to use but cut the conduit off the cable to bury. They then yanked the raw coaxial cable while wrapping it around their back and hands to pull through a few feet at a time while destroying the cable. Then then mangled the cable trying to shove it back into the conduit. They cut the conduit too short so anyone with a weedeater could mess up the line and connected up a ruined cable. I told them that channels were snowy and the internet had a noticeable lag. They said we’ll call Xfinity in the few English words they knew and waved as they drove off. I tested the old RG6 from the initial install and things work fine so it’s clearly the absolutely terrible line burial crew ruining the cable they buried. How do I get this resolved ASAP?!

Why am I paying for tv and internet that is subpar?

Should I just go back to Verizon?