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Terrible everything

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Terrible everything

I reached out last week to see why my internet stopped working. Your agent didn’t help but they did sneak on an additional charge for TV services that I did not ask for.

Then my bill came and I saw the TV charges.

After a lot of struggling with chat bots I found call center agents who could barely speak English. I was able to get an email confirmation that the TV charges would be removed from my bill.

Well, that must have been a fake because the TV charges are still on my bill.

Yesterday I had absolutely no internet from Xfinity so I used my cell phone’s data to buy a new more expensive internet plan, with NO TV.

Now my updated bill shows the more expensive internet WITH THE SAME TV BROADCAST CHARGE I NEVER ASKED FOR.

Xfinity is despicable for using coronavirus as a way to hide from me and charge me whatever the like for services I never requested.