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Terrible Customer Service and Dirty Practices

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Terrible Customer Service and Dirty Practices

I’ve dealt with Xfinity for too long.

They make it annoyingly hard to cancel services.

I find it funny that they are happy to upgrade you via live chat but if you want to remove a service, you need to jump through hoops.

And then, they tell you that, removing the TV you are not using will only lower your bill by 12 dollars...

I have TV and Internet and it is $170 a month...

If you have the option: DON’T go with Xfinity. They will gimmick you into getting 2 or 3 services for a great price and before you know it, your bill will balloon to 2 or 3 times the amount.

You can cancel 1 but keep in mind it will save you very little because you are getting that rate by having more than 1 service.

Can’t wait til we move where Verizon FIOS is available.