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Tech no show, do I need to call them? When is the best time to schedule so they make it?

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Tech no show, do I need to call them? When is the best time to schedule so they make it?

Comcast emailed me and was calling twice a day to schedule a service appointment because they detected my cables may cause a problem. I have noticed Internet download speeds lower than 2 Mbps at times (after I received a letter a few months ago they were upping me free of charge to 25Mbps), so it made sense something could be up.

Thus, I made the appointment last week. 3 to 5pm was the only available time slot, which I was fine with. I stayed home from work Tuesday to be here for the appointment and rushed to rearrange my living room before 3pm so the tech would have plenty of room and easily be able to access where the cable comes in from outside.

The tech did not arrive in that time. I did not receive any call or email from Comcast informing me. About 5:30 I checked on my Computer for any updates. The appointment that had been listed in my account had disappeared now that it was after 5. I saw about scheduling appointments via the My Xfinity app, so I downloaded and installed it on my phone after 6pm and finally saw on there, it said the tech was delayed, to call to find out about his arrival or reschedule. About that time I went outside and happened to see an xfinity van on the main road heading down the street in the opposite direction!

At 8:30pm, the app had the same message. When I opened the app the following morning, a survey popped up asking how the tech visit was - I don't know since he never came! I have yet to hear anything from comcast. They did not call or email me yesterday about not showing up the night before. And now this morning, my Internet is not working at all.

So, am I expected to call Comcast to reschedule when they contacted me about making the appointment in the first place and were the ones to not show without calling or emailing me? How do I know they will come next time?

Is it because my appointment was late so the tech was backed up? Is that why there were only 3pm to 5pm timeslots open a week out? People don't want to be last? If the appointment is earlier in the day, is there a better chance they will make it?

I also read Comcast is to give you a credit on your bill if they don't come in the time window. Do they still do this? Will it be applied automatically or do I need to do something to receive it?