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Taking advantage of young people and over charging!!!!

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Taking advantage of young people and over charging!!!!

My son just added me to his account. He is a soldier at Ft Myer and he was charged a 2nd time to have his internet "hooked up". He was forced to change rooms so he gets charged 60$?   He pays about 115 a month and was going to lower his internet speed to save money for a car.  He found out that he has a TV, Internet, and Phone package......he doesn't even have a tv or phone!!   He told the man on the phone he wanted only internet.  He was told he could save $12.   Oh wow! seriously $12?  I just looked online at the offers you have and it is WAY cheaper.   I understand that internet offers are sometimes different than what is offered when there is a call but really?   He calls to save money and the salesman goes on and on about the great channel lineup he will be, no TV!  He didn't ask for that in the first place.

He is also in a 2 year contract.   You people are taking advantage of the young men and women that are completely clueless as to how businesses operate.    Your company is also the only provider in that area he is told.   


Oh and no email to customer service!  RIDICULOUS.  BBB can deal with this.