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TV, Internet, Voice & Comcast Customer Retention

It never fails - every year the bill for a Triple Play package goes up, usually in the range of $250/month and every year requires a knock down drag out negotiation to obtain a 1 year promo rate that gets the bill either at or slightly below $200/month.


After 29 years as a customer, 5 years using the X1 platform (beta user) it is ridiculous that Comcast refuses to allow loyal customers to obtain customized packages with just TV and Internet - without Voice service - that are below $200/month.


Double Play packages are available - but you only have 2 value choices -  the low end in terms of channel content and mid-range Internet Speed or the high end with all channels and 100-200 Mbps Internet.  THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND.


When is Comcast going to listen to what customers want - as opposed to what in my view are package pricing strategies that keep customers paying $200 a month? 

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Hi, Harrry0 - I apologize for the delayed response. The prices for promotions change often. When you do begin to see your bill increase, you can give us a call to see if we have any promotions that will help lower your rate. As for the customizable packages, we don't currently offer this option but we greatly appreciate your feedback and I strongly recommend to share it here: Thank you!