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Switch to Internet only plan without all the pain?

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Switch to Internet only plan without all the pain?

I have a triple play service, and find that I'm just not watching much TV anymore, but I really don't want to repeat the painful experiences I've had before when trying to wait on hold for some high pressure salesperson to try to sell me something.  I've looked at my options online but there's no option that doesn't include TV.  I've tried using the chat, but they're useless.  Is there really no way to handle this that doesn't involve a soul-crushing phone call?

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Re: Switch to Internet only plan without all the pain?

i got on my account and switched to the 25mbit internet only package, got a confirmation number and everything, the next bill i was still being charged for the double play i had.  when i called in they had no record of this confirmation number. i went online to do it again and now whenever i go to "manage my account" it brought up an error and gave a number to call


i went thorugh this with multiple agents on chat, they were very shady and said when i wanted to drop the basic tv service i had they said "ok the only internet package availible in your area is the 400mbit pacakge. i replied that i knew the 25 mbit was availible in my are because it showed up if i went shopping on their site without being logged in.


i was finally told at the physical comcast store that any of the plans that were cheaper than what i currently had were only available to "new customers" and that once you go up, you cant go back down. 


i called the next day to cancel my service and wouldnt you know, suddenly the 25mbit was available in my area again.

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Re: Switch to Internet only plan without all the pain?

At our home we just have Xfinity internet and phone through them. Pretty sure you can just get internet only though. They do make it nearly impossible to speak to a rep without them trying to sell you more. <Edited>. I feel your pain from when I tried to sign up. Still trying to get an answer from someone for price hikes here on this site. Sheesh! LOL

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Re: Switch to Internet only plan without all the pain?

jpherron1, thanks for reaching out here on the forums! I would be happy to help take a look at the account with you to see what internet-only options are available. Please feel free to send me a PM with your first and last name to get started. 

To send me a Private Message, please click my name “ComcastAlly” and click “send a message.”

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