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Stop all the marketing emails

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Stop all the marketing emails

Hello.  I don't want to receive another marketing type email from xfinity ever again.  This month alone I'm up to about 40 (in one month!)  I've called support 4 times and each time they claim something different and clearly don't know what they are talking about.

1.  No, there is no "unsubsribe" button at the bottom of all these emails.  Of course in the year 2020 that would be a novel idea!  Why technical support doesn't know this before even asking me is beyond me.

2.  Yes, I have changed all the settings and opt'd out of everything possible within My Account / Settings / Communication & Ad preferences / Advertising & Marketing preferences

3.  Yes, I have went to and I have entered my email and selected "opt out of everything" from xfinity

4.  No I should not have to setup a "spam filter"...  I'd still like to receive critical emails that say my payment is late or something.  


Xfinity, please fix this garbage now.  This is basic account management type stuff.