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Dear Comcast:

Science has yet to tell us for sure what dreams actually mean, but most will agree that in many cases they involve scenarios or events that have been weighing on us. Possibly signifying that there is something that needs to be addressed. Often times, something nagging at us so badly that we then describe them as nightmares.

I’m not going to waste time in talking about what this letter is not, so I’ll just tell it like it is. Last night, I had a nightmare about you, Comcast/Xfinity, or whichever you’re going by these days. Well, it began as a dream; it became a nightmare when a Comcast service associate laughed in my face for wanting help, which spiraled me in to frustration, followed by a promise that I would be writing a letter, as put in the nightmare, “to your bosses.” I almost let procrastination get in the way by putting this letter off for days at a time. However as I said, it’s science that’s telling me this is something that needs to be addressed.

I’m going to simplify the chain of events:

  • Beginning of October: I spoke with you, Comcast, a minimum of 10 times, spending hours to complete a simple transfer of service.
  • Throughout October: You, Comcast, repeatedly messed up how you were to perform the transfer, in your own system.
  • Throughout October: The transfer was repeatedly transmutated in to something unrecognizable by each successive Comcast associate.
  • By the time the transfer was completed at the new location, at the very end of October, I had spent countless hours on with you, Comcast, and was constantly told, “sorry, the last person told you the wrong thing. We can’t do that.”

(To my surprise or almost demise, ‘that’ which you couldn’t do, turned out to be a successful, worry free transfer)

  • After a series of mishaps and even scheduling almost gone wrong, the set up was complete. This TRANSFER of services, though it left me very unsettled and ready to break it off with you, Comcast, I did not. ‘Til this day I pay my bill monthly, and on time.
  • Over a week ago, I received unsolicited calls that I took to be spam, but due to the repeated calls from the same number, I decided to call the number back.
  • It was a collections company looking for me, because according to them I had failed to pay a TERMINATION FEE to you, Comcast, for cancelling my services. (When the rep told me, though I was burning with fury inside, all I could do was take a deep breath because I somehow was not surprised that Comcast had again, messed me over. A loyal, paying, customer of more than 15 years.)
  • That’s the gist. And here we are.

When I first called you, Comcast, to resolve this issue, I was on the phone for 1 hour and 52 minutes. I explained to the associate the issue, was met with rude dialogue, and someone who spoke to me as if I was to know the language and terminology of Comcast and/or terms used when discussing delinquent accounts. She repeatedly used Comcast language and terminology and assumed or expected that I knew what she meant when throwing around terms, that someone who had paid more than 15 years of, on time payments for various locations to Comcast, wouldn’t know.

You see not only did you, Comcast, incorrectly charge me an EARLY TERMINATION FEE (another term thrown at me, as an ETF, again assuming I knew what that acronym meant), you, Comcast, never notified me. As I was paying my bill, online, your systems somehow didn’t see it; and yet you, Comcast, managed to determine that I should be charged an ETF without notice. All the while, never terminating services so the notification would have been corrected.

On that first call, after being treated rudely, I asked to speak with a supervisor who wouldn’t mind detailing things to me in terms I could understand. I was basically told, that because the current associate had told me how this could be resolved and that it was in the works, there were no supervisors which she could get on the phone, because they were going to tell me the same thing. She told me, I was going to have to wait a long time if I insisted. I insisted, and I agreed to wait (easy enough with speaker phone these days). I was placed on hold, and 52 minutes later, was told that I would need to receive a call back for the very same reason just stated above. Since there was nothing I could do in the moment, I gritted my teeth and set up the call back.

This chain of events not only speaks to your errors with such a simple task, it speaks to your customer service as well. As I waited for a call back, I attempted to go thru the online chat route, which was exhausting, discussing something with so many details through CHAT. I eventually CHATTED with a supervisor,  and wanted to request that she call me, but was advised by her, that they couldn’t call out because they were an online only, supervisor.

At this time, I still haven’t spoken to a supervisor. The next day (and I have to LOL), an associate called me back, and when I asked if she was a supervisor, she replied ‘no.’ She also knew nothing about my issue that I had now, including October, been dealing with for 4 months, and 15 + calls at this point. Again, a loyal, ALWAYS paid up customer. I again, re-explained EVERYTHING, and placed a request for a supervisor call back.

That was over a week and a half ago. I still haven’t received a call from a supervisor.

This is Comcast we’re talking about here, in a large metropolitan, servicing area. I don’t have to quote your billions or stocks or capital because we all know it. Your rates are ridiculously high, and that can’t even be met with top-notch service. Much like healthcare, the highest cost, increased access, or number of services are not coinciding with high quality.

I still want to speak to someone who can offer compensation for all that I’ve been through because so far, you have not. This letter would not even be of life, if even one supervisor would have taken the time to call me, as requested.

You’ve offered nothing in return for this error. If I had been in a situation where I was buying my dream home, this error by you, Comcast, would have interfered. I have a great credit history, but if you’re someone who has some surprise error on your credit report, mortgage companies would stop in their tracks and MAKE you get that corrected. Dream home goals crushed, albeit temporarily. I am now spending countless amounts of time still trying to make sure this error is taken care of on my own.

You see when things pop up on your credit report that you have no knowledge about, it’s usually fraud. Fraud is all about lies. And Comcast you lie when you say I have termed early; and you lie when you say you will call me back; and you lie when you say you provide me with great service. On about the 3rd call in all of this, I conversed with an employee about FIRST CALL RESOLUTION, as customer priority (as this was already call 3). We laughed and he assured me I would not be calling back a 4th time because he was going to take care of everything.

And by the way, yesterday I paid my bill again, a day ahead of time amidst this turmoil. Why? Because I don’t flop on my agreements.



Comcast, what about you?


(Coincidentally DISH network ALLOWED a consumer to open a fraudulent account in my name a few years back. What is going on with cable/internet providers? Are you relying on our desire to stay connected so much, that you think that you can treat us any way you choose?)


Warm Regards,

ShVonne Burke