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Status of ticket

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Status of ticket

Good morning.

I have a 200mb plan and have received 1.5mb download and 0.5mb upload since October of 2019. I have had 3 techs out. Each one said it was an outside issue and 2 of the 3 didn’t even put a ticket in for the issue to be resolved. Each tech was pulling 600mb off the tap coming into our unit when it should have been between 1-4gigs.

Like everyone else, our college classes were forced online. This isn’t an issue except I can’t even watch 30 seconds of a video before it decides to buffer. A 25 min video took me 4 hours to watch.

How can I check the status of my ticket?
Are you folks at Comcast doing anything about all of these people having these slow speeds?

An answer other than “we are improving the speeds in your area” would be helpful. Please fix this.

Thank you.