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Spent last 4 months trying to close my deceased mother's Comcast account

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Spent last 4 months trying to close my deceased mother's Comcast account

I have been trying to close my mother’s Comcast account since she passed away a little over 4 months ago! After numerous calls and a visit to our local office, I have still been unable to resolve the billing on her account. It is sad to see other forum postings where families have experienced the same issues and frustration dealing with Comcast after a family member dies.


Here is my experience:


October 1, 2015

I contacted Comcast by phone to disconnect service and notify them of my mother’s passing. I was told the account would be disconnected immediately and that once I received copies of the death certificate to bring a copy along with the equipment that needed to be returned to our local Comcast office. I was informed that the early termination fee on my mother’s account would be waived once I brought the copy of the death certificate.


October 23, 2015

Once I had received the death certificates from the funeral home, I went to our local Comcast office and returned all of the Comcast equipment from my mother’s house. I also provided a copy of my mother’s death certificate and the Comcast agent looked at the death certificate and entered the information she needed on her computer. She said she did not need to retain a copy of the death certificate, but only needed to note the information in the system. I also had received a bill dated 10/14/15 for $313.83 and asked the Comcast agent what, if any, amount needed to be paid on the account. She told me the charges on that statement were due to the equipment and I should not pay anything on that statement and wait for the next statement to clear up the charges.


October 25, 2015

I received a notice on the door at my mother’s house indicating that someone had been to the house to pick up the Comcast equipment. I sent a text to the number on the notice with an image of the receipt where the equipment had already been returned and received a text back from this number confirming that the equipment had been returned.


October 30, 2015

I received a bill from Comcast dated 10/21/15 for $278.25. I called Comcast to inquire about the statement. I was told to not pay on the account and wait for the final billing statement to be mailed. I was informed that the statement was sent out prior to the equipment being returned on 10/23 and could see on the statement that $200 was for the equipment. The agent said the $78.25 charge was part of the early termination fee and once the info was processed the final bill would show nothing was owed on the account.


December 21, 2015 & December 23, 2015

I received a bill from Comcast dated 12/14/15 for $78.25. I called Comcast and the agent told me that nothing was due on the account. I inquired further because the bill stated this was a final bill, due now, and that if not paid it would be turned over to a collection agency. The agent attempted to transfer me to the ‘Collections Department’ and the call was disconnected. I called back immediately and was transferred again and disconnected again! I then waited two days and called back on December 23. This time the agent was in the ‘Billing Department’ and seemed more knowledgeable. This final billing statement did not contain any information about what the $78.25 charge was for. The agent told me that the charge of $78.25 was because the $170 early termination fee had never been waived on the account. I explained that I took a copy of the death certificate to the local office and she indicated she could see this had been noted, but the fee had not been waived. She said that once waived there would then be a credit on the account for $91.75.


January 29, 2015

I received a COLLECTION NOTICE in my mother’s name from Afni for $78.25.


I am extremely upset about this experience with Comcast. It should not be this difficult to obtain accurate information about an account and/or close an account once someone has passed away. It should also not take 4 months to reconcile the account billing! I am personally a Comcast customer also and will seriously consider switching to a new provider once my contract has expired due to the poor customer service I have experienced over the last 4 months trying to close and resolve the billing on my mother’s account.


I have now sent an email to Comcast requesting that they please provide written information about what this $78.25 charge is for. I would also like written information showing that the early termination fee was waived on the account and a response to whether or not a credit is due on the account, as I was informed on December 23. I am happy to provide ANOTHER copy of the death certificate and the copy of the receipt for the equipment returned on October 23, if necessary. 4 months is long enough!




Re: Spent last 4 months trying to close my deceased mother's Comcast account

Hi mmc1, I am sorry for your loss and all of the trouble you experienced trying to get this resolved. Is it posible for you to send me a private message with the address of the account as well as the name on it. I will make sure this is cleared up for you. -FC 

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Re: Spent last 4 months trying to close my deceased mother's Comcast account