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Ok, I've been having this problem for a Long time.

I am paying for 150 Down and 10 up, When I run testand doing nothing I am getten 150 down+ and 10 up+ with is fine.

Then I go and download a game on steam, Steam is showing that i'mdownloading at 22  Down, But if i try to do anything else at the same time on ANYTHING. I can't Eveything is buffering.

Now I just moved and thought, Ok could be the old place...But new gear from comcast...Hard wired in, Same problem. As soon as i start a game download, BOOM 100+ of download fades into nothing yet I'm not using more then 20.

How the heck do i fix this problem? I am running a new lan cabal from my PC to my Comcast box, And I am montering the bandwith going out (using Killer Network Manager) And also Steam is showing me download and upload speeds, But something is not adding up.