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Sorry to Say, It Looks Like We're Losing Comcast After 20 Years

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Sorry to Say, It Looks Like We're Losing Comcast After 20 Years

There are 1800 single-family homes in our community where the HOA has had a contract for service since we built here in 2004.  Previously we had been with atHome in NJ, which was taken over by Comcast in 2000.  The contract with Comcast gave us DVR service and several digital adapters along with basic plus service at a discount.  I'd add premium channels and internet so our bill was $175 a month, plus the $50 the HOA charged us on our maintenance.  


The HOA contract totaled $1,175,000 a year on a 10 year agreement with Comcast coming to 12 million dollars.  AT&T had installed fiber optic throughout the 2000 acre community about two years ago at their own expense.  Now they're making a big push to get in here as our contract provider.  After seeing the AT&T Xtra package, I'm not impressed.  The picture looked good, but the features and the remote looked like garbage, nowhere near the terrific advances I'd grown accustomed to over the years.


They're offering 1G internet, but I've been satisfied with my 100M+ service and the reliability of the service in total has greatly improved over time.


I really wish the board would reconsider but I think they've been wooed by fiber optic mumbo-jumbo.  This is most likey happening later this year.  Sorry to see it go.