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Sold a Bill of Goods!

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Sold a Bill of Goods!

I have been with xfinity for over 19+ years. Yesterday I logged on to my account and noticed that my basic plan had gone up by 30%. I received no email indicating my plan was going to expire. That would have been curtius. So, I went to find a new plan which all required auto pay and ecobill. I decided to have a live chat Id 19099115. I do not recall his name, but I gave him great feedback.


Big mistake! During our live chat the representative asked me what TV options I needed. I specifically stated that other than a few NBC, ABC, and CBS nighttime shows I follow the most important network that I had to have was FOX NEWS. When it came to internet I stated that the speed I currently had was good. (150). He found a plan that would end up being, with taxes ect. about $10 more than what I had. He then emailed me a link that took me to the TV line up I would be getting. FOX NEWS was there along with the standard lineup of networks. He asked me to approve and in the chat I did.


The plan also included a phone line. I told him I really didn't need a phone, but he stated that this was the only bundle that gave me what I needed in TV. So, we went through the process and I approved via online. Everything was great. He stated that I would need to set up the auto pay to receive the additional $10 off and I said I would do that later that day.


At 8PM with dinner on my plate I go to watch Tucker Carlson as I always do and surprise!!! A screen comes up and tells me I need to upgrade my plan to view this network. I also go to some of the other channels and they are gone. As typical Comcast/xfinity I knew this was not going to go well, and it didn't.


I spent my evening speaking with a representative that refused to honor what I reviewed, approved and signed off on. The only plan He had was a two year agreement, no phone and an additional $10 a month AND I had to go ecobill and auto pay. I told him I deserved to get what I was sold on.


I was sold a bill of goods and that is illegal. I am requesting someone get with me and get me what I asked for and bought.