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Site Survey Request

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Site Survey Request

My house is down a dirt road that is not currently serviced by Comcast.  I called to see if I can get service and a serviceability ticket was created.  That was 2 months ago and I have heard nothing.  I have heard others talk about requesting a site survey where somebody actually comes out and measures and tells you what it will cost to get service.  There's only 9 of us on our road, but I would imagine that everyone would rather have Comcast internet than our only other choice which is 1.5 MB DSL from AT&T or satellite.  How do I go about requesting a site survey?  Also there are other options then coming all the way down the road as my property adjoins another road in the back.  Is there someone I can talk to to make sure they are aware of all the options.  I'd happily run the cable myself if they can just hook it up on both ends.

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Re: Site Survey Request


Hello ericwood73, I can submit your serviceability request for you. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, street address, and account number by clicking on my name (ComcastAmir) and then "private message me"?