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Signed up during promotion, 6 months later still have not received gift card. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT

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Signed up during promotion, 6 months later still have not received gift card. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT

When researching potential companies for internet and cable services back in October of 2018, I spoke with an xfinity sales representative  and based on my location in Massachusetts she went over all of the options with me over the phone. I was told that I qualified for a  $200 promotional Visa gift card based of the package that I would be signing up for. I mentioned to her that I was considering going with another provider at that time, but decided to go with Xfinity. I believe the person i spoke with was named Donna or Diane regarding the promo deal and she informed me that the gift card promotion was no strings attached and it would be mailed to the home address 10-14 days after the installation date. 6 months later I have not received a gift card.


Promising deals to customers is great if there is actual follow through.  It seems to me that  Xfinity has made it a practice to promise incentives to new customers and not follow through. Here we are, 4 phone calls, multiple conversations and 6 months later and I have not yet received any gift card. This is blatant false advertisement. When speaking to customer service for the fourth time to voice my complaint today 3/19/19, the woman kept me on hold for long amounts of time. The longest being 18 minutes in silence. The entire call lasted 32 minutes and most of it was with me having time wasted being on hold.  It didn't seem to me that she cared enough about my complaint to invest time in solving it. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and she said there wasn't anyone for me to speak to. I find that extremely hard to believe. In everyone establishment there's a chain of command. I also find it very hard to believe that the system doesn't allow representatives to see who initiated the sale. There has to be some way to follow up and follow through with the sales process.  From October to March the customer service has been very poor. The only pleasant experience without getting the "run around" was during the initial phone call to gain my business.  I am new to Xfinity. Perhaps this is how Xfinity runs it's business, but this is not what i signed up for and I will not continue to pay for poor custoer service. This has been on-going for 6 months. If this issue is not resolved in a timely manner I will take my business to a provider that honors it's commitments to it's customers, that follows through with sales and incentives and a provider that offers a level of customer service comparable to the price that I pay for services every month. 

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Re: Signed up during promotion, 6 months later still have not received gift card. FALSE ADVERTISE...

Hi there, TheMcNeilsK. I can look into your account and see what happened with the gift card. I want to help. 

Can you please private message me your full name? Thank you for posting to our forums. 

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