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Setting up service in new construction

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Setting up service in new construction

Hi Support,


I'm trying to get service added in my new neighborhood, and my builder is doing the same. I created a ticket on the 15th of November (044520889) on this and was supposed to be called back in a week. I called this morning and they informed me that the ticket had been closed (since the 17th) and that we couldn't get service. The problem with that is the house that used to be on the plot of land DID have Comcast, and now I'm told that since the new address isn't in the system (uhh really?), we can't get service and my request was reviewed and denied. They informed me that the "developer" told them no. The developer has no say, as the builder owns the land and is also ACTIVELY trying to get the service. I also asked what number/person/company was called and I was told there is no info stored about that. 


Who can I call to fix this? I'm fairly irritated that the ticket was closed and no one called me... and that the documentation is so poor. 




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Re: Setting up service is new consruction

Hello @Bigals. In some areas, our serviceability teams are not customer facing and are not equipped to speak with customers directly. In these areas, we act as liaison. 


Also, I have researched your serviceability ticket number you have provided, and our serviceability team has concluded your address is currently non- serviceable. They have stated we do not service this subdivision and at this time there are no future plans to build out network to your address. The serviceability team completed the survey based on your home's location in regards to the local plant and existing infrastructure. 


We apologize, your home is outside our existing footprint.