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Setting up new service


My current roommate is moving out, and taking her internet with her. I'm trying to set up my own account, and have hit a couple of snags. The first snag is a problem of timelines. I was initially told that she would be moving out on the 15th, so I ordered internet service, with a modem delivery for the 10th, all of which was done last Thursday. This weekend she informed me she would be out on the 6th, so I now need to get the internet set up this week instead of next. When I go to log in on the xfinity website, I get a message saying "Thanks for your purchase, [name]! We're getting your account set up. Check back soon to track and activate your services." I've also gotten multiple emails saying "You're almost done with your order," or "Complete your order," so I'm not entirely sure my order is going through at all. When I called in, without putting in any information, the automated system assumed I was someone else (gave me a name not my own) and I couldn't figure out a way to make it treat me as a new customer. I can't find a number for my local store, and I'm not sure if physical storefronts are even open at this time. What is the best solution to ensure that I would be able to set up internet services this week? I understand that this is a trying time, and so I don't expect ease or comfort, but being WFH requires that I have access to the internet, so I'm pretty desperate here.

Thanks. (Note: I posted this same question to the reddit as well)