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Serviceability Department Escalation needed

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Serviceability Department Escalation needed

I recently moved to a new home and due to the (slight) remoteness of my home, the website was not able to determine whether my service could be transferred. We spoke to a sales rep and he tried to submit an service request for the new address. After a few days, he followed up with a call saying the location was needed to be surveyed to determine whether it was possible. My home is located on a main highway between 2 towns. We were given a 7-10 day time frame and the number for the Serviceability department to follow up with after the time frame had passed if we hadn't heard from them. It's been 3 weeks. We've left multiple messages with the serviceability dept number (a real person never answers) and have called CS and had a manager try and escalate the ticket. Can someone who can actually get something done help me? I've never had to try so hard to give a company my money in all my life!

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Re: Serviceability Department Escalation needed

This is absolutely ridiculous.  

I have been attempting to get Comcast / Xfinity Service since July 5th (when the order was finally placed after many, many calls).  

No one came out as scheduled on July 9th.

When I called to inquire, they said teh appointmnt was July 16th.

July 26th, someone showed up and explained there was not service from the street to the house and that needed to be installed.  

Installation services were supposedly scheduled, for this past Saturday.

Randomly, last THursday evening, 3 guys showed up tommy house and said they could do the dig, but needed to wait for additional marking from the electric co, which they said they called in.  That's the ast I have heard from anyone at Comcast. 

After no less than 12 calls to comcast customer service this week. most of which were spent on hold, re-explanaing my circumstances, and/or being transfered, I have no service, no appointment scheduled for the cable install and now they customer service rep I just spoke with has told me that my order has been canceled.  That it was canceled on July 26th.

No notice or memo, email or phone call from Comcast that this happened.

Complete luck of the draw that occasionally I get a customer service rep that actually seems to have any odea what they are talking about.  And that is rare.  They all promise calls back, but I have never received on and this has beengoing on for almost a month.  

This is absolutely ridiculus and unacceptable.  

I am in Arnold, MD.