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Service Related Emails got you down? I think I have the solution...

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Service Related Emails got you down? I think I have the solution...

My fellow netizens, it has come to my attention that going back as far as 2013 people have been complaining about these so called "service related" emails. They're spammy. They're uncalled for. They're redundant. Most of all the suggestions from moderators and employees alike do not solve the issue AT ALL.


Some will suggest you enroll in their do-not-solicit program via this link: 
That one pertains only to phone calls, snail mail, and Comcast solicitors physically approaching your house.


Some will suggest you change your preferences here:
That's just billing and security stuff.


Finally they'll suggest you manage your preferences here:
You think that unsubscribe all button will work? Nope. Not for Service Related email. Click on "Customize what I receive" and note that all the options are already off and none of them is for opting out of Service Related emails!


When I first started having the spam issue I scoured the forum and found posts going back to 2013 complaining about these unsolicited emails. All I found were more complaints and the above useless advice.


In a recent thread, user Zekeblue said "I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Xfinity rep who was sympathetic, claimed not to know about this, tried to unsub me, all to no avail." (permalink: )


This tells me we must look outside the box for a solution, and I have found one. It's simple, dated, and functional. Note that all of these Service Related Emails come from the same email address:  


Because all of their spam is conveniently bundled under one address, it's simple enough to use your emails settings to create a rule to either junk them immediately, or just collect them in a folder out of the way on the off chance something actually useful ends up coming from that address:


EDIT: I don't know why, but every time I try to upload an image, it gets changed into a yellow triangle with a grey border, so here:


Creating a filter has cleared out my inbox.  Hopefully it helps you too.

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Re: Service Related Emails got you down? I think I have the solution...

Furthermore, they are falsely guising their spam as "service-related" emails, probably to avoid having to put an unsubscribe link. I've received 2 nearly-identical emails just 8 days apart, saying I can "Watch HBO Max today—at no additional charge". I don't care! It's spam. Things like paperless bank statements might be legally required and cannot be unsubscribed - maybe - but this here is just pure spam. Calling it "service-related" could apply to literally anything Comcast spams to its customers, since they are a SERVICE provider and the email is RELATED to their services. They're not telling you to come see their inventory of used cars, they're literally just marketing emails sent about their SERVICES.


This is probably borderline (or completely) illegal. Comcast is a really shady business, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if it was downright illegal and they just don't care. Let's just say I have dealt with some of their really sketchy processes in the past, as a business customer at work.