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Service Issue - they won’t respond

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Service Issue - they won’t respond

2 long & 2 much 2 get fully n2. Just believe me when I say they are liars, cheaters, dishonest, cheap horrible company. They charged us for 5/6 yrs for 3 had/dvr boxes. R apt only had 1 room & a tiny bedroom. Was impossible 2 have 3 tvs. @ least 3 tech & 5/6 managers knew they were doing this & guaranteed/promised many things including to obviously resolve issue. Never did & very quickly they all completely ignored & never responded or did anything.

Just moved 2 new apt beginning of may. R ‘luxury apts’ have a ‘Comcast/xfinity’ rep that u call & he hooks u up.

He changed wat I wanted, promised wat would b n r package. Was complete a huge lie. ALL new customers get MANY things. Free installation, not only did we not get that but they actually charged us $79.99 4 installation which is already $30 higher than it would b @ full price. We have only been n r new apt 20 days & were already getting calls from billing dept & they have r official bill already @ $511 (& it says DUE IMMEDIATELY, if not paid in full service will be turned off).

The rep didn’t even show up 4 instal. The guy that came only set up 2 tvs (yes r new place is so much nicer & bigger) so we have lil den that we have lil/3rd tv n. He only setup 2 tvs, said there was no power cord 4 tv n living room/main tv.

R apt was literally empty other than the 3 tvs & r 2 laptops (that’s it). The cord was sitting actually n stand w tv that he couldn’t find & just ignored & didn’t ask & just left. In fact we even randomly had an extra power cord bc we have all Vizio tvs.

Then he setup all the tvs incorrectly & if u hit ANY button on ANY of the 3 remotes, that specific action would happen on every tv. So I had 2 uninstall everything he did & then it took me 2 hrs 2 fix & completely setup ALL 3 tvs myself, setup/config the cable/hd/etc & setup & connect all the remotes 2 each tv/1 only. I also had 2 rename/delete/redo all the settings 4 the tv names, main tv, dvr, etc.

The package I wanted was $175 (ALL IN per month) that was the special they had on their home page/website 4 new customers which I was bc it was n my name now & I never had anything 2 do w old cable. Which FYI, was somehow $350/month (had 5 yr old 75 mbps modern/internet, home phone that didn’t work, old box & 3rd tv level package from the best (should b approx $100 4 tv)

Once I set everything up, we found out that we have ‘basic plus’ tv package. NO Cinemax, hbo, red zone & 15 additional other channels that we r paying 4. He also didn’t/want send us the $200 Comcast/debit/credit card u get w any new triple play package.

He made us go w the this package bc he said that 4 $10 less a month we would get 400 mbps internet speed (instead of 250) & LITERALLY THE ONLY CHANNEL/DIFFERENCE N PLANS IS NO HBO. & I can at anytime subscribe 2 hbo for $10/month.

It turns out & is confirmed by 5 diff Comcast employees/tech support/& online ALL the top tv packages come standard w 400 mbps, they don’t do 250 mbps at all anymore.

& there is 100% guaranteed @ least 10 additional large/major items/issues that I didn’t even go n2 or mention at all.

HORRIBLE. & I’m STILL trying 2 get Comcast 2 fix/resolve this (or any of the issues). Have had no luck yet. I have documentation, texts, official emails, etc that overwhelming backs everything up but they just ignore it.

I’m now going 2 b posting EXTREMELY 100% honest/sincere posts on ALL of their social media accts, their website, & take a full hour & also post 2 as many forums/blogs/etc that r applicable in addition.

Oh yea, this is the cherry on top, they didn’t even spell my name write & put wrong apt #. So my official acct name, username, online access/login/etc r also all wrong so I can’t login or access any of my bills, acct (I can get into/access absolutely nothing)



Re: Service Issue - they won’t respond

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

I am not an employee.
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Re: Service Issue - they won’t respond

Hi @Aaron_Metlosky


It sounds like you may have had a balance on your previous account that transferred to the new account which caused such a high balance on your first month's bill at the new address. I'd like to help confirm whether or not this is the case. I will also help with your account information and make sure it is correct if I can. I'd also like to review your plan to see how we can make this right.


In order assist you, please send me a private message verifying your first and last name, street address including city state and zip code, and the full account number or phone number associated with your services. 


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me.


If I don't reply right away, I will reach out when I get back in the office. My working hours are Sunday-Thursday's 2:30 - 11 PM MST. 

I am an Official Comcast Employee.
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