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Serious Customer Concern - Dissatisfied Customer

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Serious Customer Concern - Dissatisfied Customer

I have been a Comcast - Xfinity customer for over 14 years. Although, the service has not been the best at times, I have never switched or visited other cable services. Over the two years I have watched my bill go from manageable to seriously unmanageable. I have a total bundle, to include internet, two phone lines, and cable. I have attached a copy of my billing plan I received for being a loyal customer for your review. I have not added, increased, or changed any service feature. Although, I am aware of yearly cost increases and normal increases in pricing, but the cost has tripled from $135.00 per month to roughly $350.00 per month. I have attempted to discuss this issue with customer service, yet, unfortunately, I had to send this email regarding my service. As I stated earlier, I have had Comcast for many years without a break in service. It truly concerns me to have to pay such an extremely high cost for service.


Unfortunately, after numerous calls and emails for the previous six days, I was unable to have my concern resolved. I even provided the attachment rate I was given two years prior and the representative was unable to come anywhere close to the amount. I would have to cut my services in order to cut my rate and I am truly disappointed. Reluctantly, I am at the point where I am looking at other options and considering discontinuing my service altogether. I have been a customer truly to long for my services to be $350, monthly, where as I have changed absolutely nothing, yet the rate doubled. This situation is very dis-hearting. 


I sincerely thank you in advance for your time and assistance in this matter of great concern. 


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Re: Serious Customer Concern - Dissatisfied Customer

Hi, as96 - I can certainly check if we have any available promotions to lower your monthly rate. Please send me your full name, address, and a phone number in a private message. Thank you!