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Seeking Supervisor/Elevated Customer Service Rep

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Seeking Supervisor/Elevated Customer Service Rep

Prior to disconnected service back in September, I contacted customer service to ask about the repercussions of cancelling service. I was told that there would be no fee to cancel. With that, I decided to cancel my internet due to moving. (Also, it is an unserviceable area anyways) Upon cancelling, I received a $180 ETF on my account.


I have talked to NUMEROUS customer service reps through the past 2 months that have "assured" me the credit will be applied to my account. I had several customer reps verify the credit was "pending" on my account, but the credit was never actually visible to me. Yesterday I spoke to another rep, he told me there was no credits pending and that I would need to speak to concern department.


The amount of times that I have had to call and chat with customer service reps to ensure they are doing the actions that they have constantly "assured" me were being done is ridiculous. I need contact with a supervisor or someone with the authority to actually apply the credit so I can stop wasting my time over this issue. The amount of back and forth with customer service reps getting told one thing and then not being followed through is unacceptable and ridiculous. 


I have saved the chat log in which I was told for the first time that the credit was being applied to my account. There were several instances afterwards that I was assured the same thing and almost a month later I still have yet to see such credit.


Re: Seeking Supervisor/Elevated Customer Service Rep

Julst an FYI [regardless of what you were told]:

For correct information regarding Early Termination Fees please see here.

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Re: Seeking Supervisor/Elevated Customer Service Rep

When I am told a $180 credit is being applied to my account, I expect it to be done.

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Re: Seeking Supervisor/Elevated Customer Service Rep

Hi acehigh93, apologies for what you were told but since you were under contact the ETF fees are valid and cannot be reversed.


Thank you