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Scheduled maintenance interrupts service too often

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Scheduled maintenance interrupts service too often

Last night 3 of 4 of our family were watching movies or youtube when "you have lost service" interrupts them. This seems to happen on a very frequent basis, mostly at night and also without even the slightest courtesy of 'hey, we are going to be performing scheduled maintenance in your area from x until x time'. My wife and son are up late frequently and tell me this is a norm. So I check into this with a phone call to support last night with navigation through the mire of robo-menus says "scheduled maintenance at (your address) blah, blah, blah". To add insult to injury, I was watching a movie on the last night of the free HBO preview that made it 90%+ of the way through before the incident and now am locked out of finishing it. :/


The departments of Comcast that seems to work on a consistant basis are billing and marketing. Perhaps the other departments need to send their heads over there for more training. They are definitely good at communicating with their customers.


We get billed for the FULL month, yet RARELY do we get a full month of service. I realize some outages are acts of nature and hardware failures that cannot be avoided BUT the ones that are intentional should really take into consideration the effect on their customers. Communication you think would be one of the specialties of a company like this but marketing and billing are the only ones I get messages from. Even my online MMOs are courteous enough to have messages about scheduled shutdowns.


Please don't give me the corporate "I'm sorry" form response as that is just insulting. Look into doing better with notifications and maybe some compensation for the intentional lost service.