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Scheduled Maintenance

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Scheduled Maintenance

Two questions...

1. Why do you schedule a full multi hour outage during the work day?

2. Why does this occur with no notice to your customers?


This is not acceptable and likely the final time for me. I have been a loyal customer for a decade and have been extremely pleased with your service. In the past year or two, there has been a significant rise in unannounced outages with no explanation. Many of your customers work full time from their homes and cannot be subjected to this level of service.


I can understand a storm or other unforseen situations causing down time, but this "scheduled maintenance" is not acceptable. You cannot bring down the internet during a work day on purpose. Every reputable company schedules maintenance during the middle of the night. While that also is unfortunate for those affected, I think we would understand that occasional maintenace is necessary. Although, for a company this large I would question any outage as you should have a system that allows a cut over to a secondary system when a large upgrade is needed.

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Re: Scheduled Maintenance

Hi, RockinAnalyst - My apologies for the inconvenience. However, if we won't maintain the node health - we won't able to provide the services. The cable infrastructure depends on many factors. For some type of maintenance work, we have to follow the city's rules and regulations. 

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