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Scam Call / Fake Call (?) From "GCS" at (512) 312-7829

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Scam Call / Fake Call (?) From "GCS" at (512) 312-7829

Just received a call from a supposed Comcast partner trying to discuss my service and equipment needs.   I was hesitant to talk to the caller.


IF this is a phising call and NOT associated with XFinity, then it is something which Comcast needs to look into immediately because the guy, a "Julio Soto" stated they were calling as a third-party provider with a company called "GCS", who was working FOR and WITH Comcast.   He knew what year I had begun service with Comcast, that I had JUST made changes to my account (the day before yesterday), what speeds I am now getting, what plan I am on, my name  (and of course my telephone number) AND how much I paid on my last bill


To me, it sounded very professional and too much on the up-on-up to be a fake or scam call.  IF it indeed is, it is pretty terrible as they somehow have all this information that they should not have.


Re: Scam Call / Fake Call (?) From "GCS" at (512) 312-7829

It looks to me like someone may have hacked your E-mail.


At any rate; you should assume that any "unsolicited" call like that s most likely a "phishing" scam.

I always just hang up on any call like that.

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