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Safety Check Phone Scam?

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Safety Check Phone Scam?

I received a call this morning 866-489-0919 which my caller ID indicated as Comcast.  The man, who was speaking with a thick Indian accent, greeted me by name and said he was calling from Comcast's specialty service department.  I've received calls like this in the past, though always when I have an upcoming service appointment and the call is to inform me that maintenance was done and asking if I want to cancel the appointment. 

This call was out of the blue. I had no appointment.  The person claimed they were seeing "errors coming from my IP address" that was affecting my Internet service.  I told the person my service was working fine.  The person then said they would like to run a "safety check" on my computer.  At this point I felt this was a scam and hung up.  

I'm assuming Comcast doesn't call to ask you to run safety checks?


Re: Safety Check Phone Scam?

There are a lot of scams like this going around. They can list the phone number to look legitimate. They will use any excuse to look somewhat real.


I have gotten calls claiming to be: IRS, Soc. Sec., microsoft, cable companies, bank cards, etc. All are fake made up excuses to get you to give them personal information. Just hang up on all of them without giving information. This is not going to stop until phone companies and the government go after these people, or block all these calls.


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