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Rural Internet Connection - Service Request

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Rural Internet Connection - Service Request

My parents live in a suburban-rural area. Think, farmland dotted with subdivisions. Comcast services two subdivisions on either side of their home, yet their home address is "not in the system" despite the main cable running down the street in front of their house. I would like to speak to a person at Comcast who can look up the addresses served in their neighborhood and what can be done. The area is becoming more built up and I have a hard time believing that only the subdivisions are serviced while established homes are ignored. I would like to get them on a waiting list, at least.


Re: Rural Internet Connection - Service Request

All they need to do is call and request service. Comcast will send a tech out to do a site survey.  They will then contact you and let you know if the address is serviceable or not. 

I am not an employee.