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Returning Pods

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Returning Pods

I ordered 3 XiFi Pods online on 5/28/2020. They did not work as well as I expected.


Before 6/28/2020 I went to to fill out the form to return the pods before the 30 day return policy expired. After I hit the submit button the Xfinity dialogue box told me they would be in contact with me. I've never received a phone call or directions as to go to my email or spam folder to check for a return label.  I looked everywhere inside my Xfinity mail and could not find anthing related to my submission form.


I just returned from my local xfinity store and they told me I can not return the pods there because they never had inventory of them there. I tried calling xfinity on the phone. It was a nightmare. Round and round through endless canned voice directions. I could not successfully talk to an agent. Very very frustrating.


I've been a customer for 16 years at mu current location in Indiana and need to send these pods back. There should be some record on my account that shows I submitted the form before 6/28/2020 so I don't have to pay the $119.00.


I also just tried using Xfinity's chat service and was not able to get through the "help" section to actually speak with an agent.


I understand these are trying time and businesses are "transitioning" to working at home but Xfinity is a communications company. One would expect Xfinity to have brought in a few focus groups over the years to understand how to successfully commicate with their customers. Sorry I know I'm venting but it's been frusutrating trying to resolve this issue.


These forums are my last shot before I go on vacation to to something about this. If an Xfinity employee could help me get the ball rolling here I'd greatly appreciate it!


Thank you.



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Re: Returning Pods

Same here. I tried returning them to the local Xfinity store and they told me they weren't allowed to take returns at stores. I was able to turn in my old Gateway, but not these pods I no longer need.