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Retention - Review services and adjust

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Retention - Review services and adjust

Hi could I speak to someone about my existing services and help me get only the services I actually need for the right pricing please? I have been a loyal customer since 1991 but not getting much help over the phone. :-( 


UPDATE: Well, so far retention offical comcast staff "Shane" has only been able to say: Sorry we aren't able to help you with a double play, and unless you would like to accept our retention offer to increase your monthly bill by $10 per month for the same triple pay you have currently there isn't anything else I can offer. 


An unhappy long time Comcast customer, just waiting/begging for a second company to come to our area. I will be long gone Comcast. You don't know or seem to care about treat those who feed you fairly. You treat brand new customers better than those who have paid religiously for 26 years. That stinks.

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Re: Retention - Review services and adjust

Hello, and thank you for reaching out to us. I would be happy to assist you from here. Can you verify your account information with me? I would need your phone number, full name, and service address. You can private message me by clicking my name and clicking private message.