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Refused Pods free with Advantage service!

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Refused Pods free with Advantage service!

I recently switched to the advantage fully knowing I would need the pods. My home always needs them for other devices also. I was sold on this because of the free pods just In case. They finished an assessment Oct. 4th that it was fine but it wasn't!

I had called xfinity several times for outages and told its likely something in my home interfering only to find out minutes later there was an outage in my area. Local groups in my area were also complaining.

A tech over the phone could see my connectivity issues and directed me the assessment page to request the free pods. I did on Nov. 3rd and they were never ordered nor sent. When I inquired this past weekend I was told they couldnt see anything on their end and that I should reorder. So I did. Then I was told the assessment failed and/or finished with error so it's been restarted. Therefore they cant send out pods.

I spoke with a rep Sunday at a local Comcast who ALSO could see my home is the last house/pole on the line for our area and I had very bad connectivity. He hoped he could give us the pods there but stated that we would have to pay for them. Yes it's supposed to be FREE with the Advantage service.

Fast forward to my gripe on Twitter and a rep from XfinityCares set up a technician to come out today. He walks into the house. Asks to see my router/modem. I lead him to it and not 2" away my RSSI is already super low. He walks to the other end of the house and my RSSI is at -70! The Twitter reply was "since your home assessment determined everything is fine you will need to purchase the pods if you want them." The technician called they told him to send me to the store. Did that. Then they told him to have me call customer service. Did that.

All I get is the run around a bill they want paid ASAP even though I dont get proper service I'm promised. How am I expected to pay for service I didn't receive?! What is so ungodly special about these pods that they cannot just SEND them as promised or are they failing to admit error, issues, lack of production or what?! Say so then my business depends on working wifi. I cannot afford another day down!
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Re: Refused Pods free with Advantage service!

Not sure if that is still avaialble, but the webpage is still there with the redemption form:


As an xFi Advantage customer, we're here to ensure you can enjoy optimal WiFi performance throughout your home. That's why customers like you can redeem three xFi Pods to help improve your coverage.