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Refer a Friend Program is BROKEN

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Refer a Friend Program is BROKEN

Was referred by a family member for Xfinity. After attempting to set up online, I ended up with a customer rep, who assured me I could set up the refer a friend AFTER my service was set up, since I wasn't able to complete online. I asked 3 times about what I had to do to get the refer a friend set up during sign up of my service & the customer service rep ASSURED me I could do it after my account was set up, and before 60 days had expired, just call in he said.

This was an UTTER LIE, I just tried to set up my refer a friend and that department said it was too late, and that our accounts weren't able to be accepted to the refer a friend AFTER the fact.

Very frustrating and totally expected this to happen, because that's the customer service world we live in nowadays. Promises that are never fulfilled. Love my xfinity service tho, I just think better knowledge of customer service programs should be taught.  If they had referred me to correct people during set up, this problem would've been solved right then.