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So Ian and Zach (not sure about their spelling of their names because there's a couple) helped me out over the phone with getting Internet service. The ONLY reason I did it over the phone was because the option to pickup the modem online was not available to me and I am fully aware that the referral code had to be inputted online when purchasing service. However, they BOTH told me and reassured me that all I had to do to input the referral code from my friend was to:


1. go to the refer-a-friend website and log in

2. input my account number AND the friend's account number

3. input the referral code


I could not even make it past step 1 above EVERY time I go to the website because the website was down or could not find my account even though they both helped me get service. Again, over-the-phone was just because the pickup modem option was not readily available to me. Had I gotten the option online, I would not have been so unsatisfied right off the bat. This is my first time with xfinity, and I am already not liking their customer service...they both told me I could do the steps I listed, but it didn't happen...