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Recieved Email on Speed Upgrade-Michigan

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Recieved Email on Speed Upgrade-Michigan

Shows going from 250/20 to 300/20,  but doesn't mention a date in the email at all.    When does this go live?


"We’re increasing your Internet download speed.

Fast and reliable Internet powers your life. It keeps you close to family and friends. Thank you for choosing us to be your trusted Internet provider.

We're making the network even better, and increasing your Internet speed from 250/20 to 300/20. Don't worry, this is included in your current Internet plan."



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Re: Recieved Email on Speed Upgrade-Michigan

same email

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Re: Recieved Email on Speed Upgrade-Michigan

I'm in Southwest Florida and received the email last night.  In the past, when Comcast increased my internet speeds, the initial announcement emails never mentioned when it would take effect (like this email).  However, there was always a second email telling me to restart my modem or gateway when it came time.  


At this moment, I have no reason to suspect this is spam (but who knows these days) and the email does correctly quote my current internet speed tier.  Also note -- when viewing the email on Comcast's web-based email page, the message does have the correct Xfinity logo.  So, it does appear to be real.


Any chance of someone from Comcast confirming the email?