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Reason for credit check?

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Reason for credit check?

what i dont understand is why was there a credit check for a returning customer to begin with. i personally am trying to get my credit score better but this check (without my permission) probably will hurt me now. i want to know why the check when all im getting is a tv/internet/landline deal. im going to be paying threw my debit card so i dont see the reason for the check. as long as you get your money theres no reason for the check.

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Re: Reason for credit check?

You have to give your consent for a hard check. Comcast has actually gone the distance in preventing this from happening. You have the option of setting up through their easy enroll (setup autopay/paperless billing upon account creation, no check or deposit necessary) EDIT: A few members on here will disagree with me and tell you that Comcast has the right to run a check at any time (which they technically do) but NOT a hard check, NOT without your consent. If one was ran without you giving your consent, you need to get a corp. rep to mask or remove this inquiry.