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I recently finished a 2-year plan as an Xfinity customer and, when using the website to make a new 2-year plan (sidenote: THANK YOU for finally letting existing customers buy packages online), it tells me I need to return my X1 DVR box and have 3 standard TV boxes rather than 1 DVR + 2 standards, and that I'll have access to the X1 Cloud DVR service instead of having a DVR box.


This brings up a few questions I can't find answers to:


-Is the X1 DVR Box being discontinued outright?  If so, why?  Mine works great and the Cloud DVR seems like a big downgrade, especially with the # of hours available cut in half.

-Are there certain plans I can choose where I wouldn't have to give up the X1 DVR?

-If I stay on a monthly plan how long will it be before my X1 DVR service is discontinued?

-I can access Netflix and Amazon Prime directly through my X1 DVR Box.  If I do the 2-year renewal and send the X1 DVR box back as requested, do I lose that ability?


Thanks for any insight anyone has on this....