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Re: X1 Boxes with 2 cable lines coming from the tap

This just took a turn for the absolute worst.


So, I signed up for X1 just last week.  Got the Self Install Kit a few days ago.  I had the issue with the boxes which prompted this thread.  The people on Comcast support told me I could just walk into my local Xfinity store and exchange the wired secondary TV boxes for wireless boxes.  I got all my old equipment together, along with the two new top boxes I wanted to exchange for wireless, and I was at the store when they opened.


They don't have wireless boxes.  I was annoyed, mostly because support specifically told me that they would.  I left the old equipment at the store and told them to take the new secondary boxes, too, as they were of no use to me.  I would figure something out.


They terminated all of the equipment on my account.  All of it, even the stuff that is hooked up at my house.  I now have no internet, no TV and no phone.  After about 90 minutes on the phone with support, they tell me this cannot be undone.  I need to disconnect the devices in my home and bring them into the Xfinity store to have them "re-issued" like new.  There is no other option.


I guess Comcast just cut the cable for me.  I really do not see me doing that.  I am at work and my home is 20 miles away, and then 20 miles back to the store.  I'm just not doing it.  Anyone have any experience with DirecTV?