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Re: Where can I send letter of complaint?

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Re: Where can I send letter of complaint?

Dear Comcast Zach

I write in hope you can help.   Below is the letter (with personal information deleted) that I plan to send to the CEU of Comcast because I am so frustrated.  Thank you


Dear Mr. Roberts and Mr. Karinshak.


I am a long-time (seventeen years) customer who has always (100%) paid my bill on time.  


On Monday, November 27 I spoke to Kia Brown in the Comcast Corporate Customer Relations office to work on a new package.  Ms. Brown’s phone number is 615-874-7483. We went through the procedure, including my agreeing to the package via a text message that linked me to website http://t.xfinitycom/4BE92B48.    At the conclusion of the call Ms. Brown told me that I would receive an email confirming the new package and would see the various credits that would be put on my account with 24 hours.


After 24 hours passed with no emails and no change in my online billing, I called Ms. Brown again and left a message.   My phone call was never returned so on November 29 I again called the corporate office where I spoke to Max (about 3:20pm).  Max was very helpful, told me my case # esl03128350, and that all the credits had been applied and so I had a negative balance of - $55.72 and should not pay anything this month.   He also said he would reach out to Ms. Brown and have her contact me since I still had not received confirmation of my new package, or the credits, in writing.


I received no return phone call or confirmation of any kind so I used Comcast chat (I can provide you with the transcript) and “spoke” with Jobelle (“CHAT STARTED AT Nov 30, 2017 8:32:52 AM”).   Jobelle who confirmed the negative balance (“8:36 AM Jobelle : Also, the current balance on the account is negative $55.72”) and said I would see it on line soon.


On Saturday, December 2, after again receiving no confirmations or seeing any change in my online account.  I first spoke with Rona ((8zl) who apologized for the problems, said there must be a glitch in the system (er044697501), said that she would send a ticket to get the glitch fixed, said that she would give me a 20$ credit for which I would get an email confirmation within 6 hours, and that she would personally call me back to make sure everything had been resolved.   None of that happened.


Rona also put me in contact with her supervisor, Ansel.  Ansel called me on December 2 at 8:55am.   He said, to my shock, that everything I had previously been told was incorrect.  According to Ansel a) Comcast does not send out confirmation of credits, b) Ansel does not show credits on the on-line account until the following month, and c) that I either owed 153 dollars or 111 dollars on my account.   Ansel refused to let me speak to his supervisor and refused to try to call Kia Brown or anyone else.  He ended the conversation by noting that while everyone else had told me information in error I should trust him even though he could give no written confirmation of anything.


I have now spent six hours trying to get a simple confirmation of my bill and package.  If Comcast were to hire my services for those six hours, it would owe me about $900.00. 


I would like someone from the executive office with real authority and with a phone number and an email that they respond to, to contact me either by email or phone, to resolve this problem entirely of Comcast’s making, including by contacting every one of the employees and giving them training in customer service, fulfilling promises, and responding to inquiries.




Re: Where can I send letter of complaint?

Hi jeffrey_lesser -- I can clear all this confusion up for you. I reviewed your account and have confirmed you have a negative balance on your account. You will not owe anything for this month due to having a negative balance. Online billing will only reflect manual adjustments within 72 hours of them happening. Rona had applied one manual adjustment, which would be visible online, whereas all other adjustments were due to prorated adjustments from your package change. Prorated adjustments do not appear until a new billing statement prints. 


Overall you will now owe anything this month as all prorates and manual adjustment have cleared your balance and have left you with a credit balance. Please let me know if you have any further questions about this information. 

I am an Official Comcast Employee.
Official Employees are from multiple teams within Comcast: CARE, Product, Leadership. We ask that you post publicly so people with similar questions may benefit from the conversation.
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Where can I send letter of complaint?



I would also like to send a letter of complaint about Comcast service and Customer Service.  I am very disappointed and very regretful that I even changed to Comcast.

I got my service installed in September 2017 and since then it has been a nightmare!


I have made 13 calls to Comcast since September.  My first issue was with the installers they were rude, left the phone jack in my child’s room hanging by a thread not even enclosed and attached to the wall. They were not respectful of my home at all!


I then was experiencing problems with the WIFI connecting to my devices in the house.  Let me just say I have a 1100 sq. ft. home it’s not very big to have this issue, especially when Xfinity is supposed to be the best.  After going through the whole process again on the phone for over an hour they told me that will send out a new Main DVR box.

I received the box set it up and that didn’t work, so again I get on the phone another 1hr, 11/2 wasted of my time.  They tell me they are going to send out a tech, so not have I wasted time on the phone I now have to sit and wait for the tech to arrive and for the time it will take for him to fix the issue. Let me also say during this phone called I asked to cancel my service because it has been such an issue and they assured me to just let the tech come out and try to resolve the issue so I agreed.  I would have been within the 30-day window to cancel at this time this was in Oct.


In November, our TV’s would random freeze and we would have to reset the entire system, so I called again wasted more of MY time on the phone just for the to schedule a tech to come out AGAIN where I had to take off work and wait. 


Now in January I called because my wireless boxes will not change to other channels.

So, by this point I am so done with Comcast.  So, I called to explain the issue and ask them to cancel my service because I do not have the time or money to sit and wait for a tech to come out to my home once again. I told her I should not be reasonable for the cancellation fee since I have had nothing but issues just the beginning, it would only be fair.  She tells me that she is not able to do that. I said I am sure there is someone in the retention dept. like a manager that could do that, and she said no, and all the managers are in a meeting (of course they are). So then see says she can sent out a tech and refund the service call fee of $60…wait! When I signed up I was told if I have the protection plan I would not be responsible for service calls.  She tells me that is incorrect information. I then say why do I need to pay for a service call when I pay my monthly bill and I am not getting the service I am paying for any way? How is that fair??

Then I ask her how is Comcast going to compensate me for all these issues I have been having and she tells me “all I can do is credit the tech fee”. I shouldn’t be getting changed the tech fee anyway! She then tells me that I signed a contract and I told her yes and in return I am to be getting the BEST service from Comcast! Which I am not!

I also want to mention about how the tech that came out to bury the wire in my backyard completely tore it up and the grass is completely dead.  I am beyond frustrated and do not want to deal with Comcast anymore.  Not only is their service terrible their Customer service is right behind!

I am done wasting my time and money on Comcast!

Please let me know how I can move forward with this issue.