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Re: Vicious cycle: No way to contact Xfinity

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Re: Vicious cycle: No way to contact Xfinity

@ComcastMichael I don't see how to PM you. I too want to upgrade my Internet speed. Can you reach out to me so I can get this done?


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Re: Vicious cycle: No way to contact Xfinity

Greetings, @mjschwartz09! I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us here on the forums. I hope you are having an amazing day. I can certainly assist you in upgrading your internet speed. Normally you need to make your first post before you can send a PM. Since you were able to send a PM, I will continue to assist you through there.

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Re: Vicious cycle: No way to contact Xfinity


Tried calling a couple of weeks ago was on hold off and on for 40 minutes (pre coronavirus).  I finally hung up.
The week before I tried calling (ya I get so frustrated I wait a week to try again) I finally got thru the phone tree, was on hold waiting for billing and Comcast dropped my call.  That was 20 minutes of my time wasted...and not the first time that happens often in fact.

I dont understand accents and anymore can't talk to anyone without saying 'what?' 50 times and struggling to understand them.  So frustrating.  

And chat?  Its set up for smartphones, not desktop.  Not everyone uses a smartphone.  So the text box isn't accessible because that chat window is not movable.

Its like Comcast wants our money but doesn't care to speak with anyone.  That allows them to get away with a lot.  And Im sick of it.  We need internet (not satelite) competition in Spokane.